Brunswick MedTech shortens your sales cycle by months and reduces operational costs by over 20%.

Based in the UK, Brunswick MedTech are experts in medical devices, software sales and logistics, helping medical innovations get to market on a global scale. We are renowned worldwide by the likes of the NHS and various international governments, universities and trade organisations.   

Our proven methodology helps companies shorten their sales cycle by months, typically lowering commercialisation costs and we offer a range of solutions to suit your business needs. Our services include:

  • Find a distributor - Our extensive network and research skills find you quality distributors in any country to grow your business quickly.
  • Market research and validity reports - Our in-depth findings help you make an informed decision.
  • Rental Medical Sales Team - Our high-performing sales teams, with multi-disciplinary skills on pay-as-you-go contracts, help shorten your time to revenue.
  • Warehousing and logistics - We have a proven all-inclusive managed service, with UK and global logistics and warehousing options.

Contact us to let us evidence our performance and see how we can help your business.