Lucem Health announces AI partnership with Brunswick MedTech

Lucem Health launched Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative

Lucem Health launched Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative, a partner program designed to help digital health innovators create, deploy and market transformational solutions based on AI technology and machine learning models. 

Our CEO Jon Avent, said: “It is very exciting to be a founding member of this globally, impactful partnership.  We have already introduced two new collaborators and seen their immediate progress.”   

Artificial intelligence models are powered by data, and health data is often isolated and difficult to access. That’s why Lucem created Health Innovation Collaborative to establish a business collaboration between AI developers and digital health innovators, including Brunswick MedTech. They will develop new solutions to help doctors make the best decisions, diagnose in advance, improve efficiency and serve patients better.  

You can find more information at this link: Lucem Health Announces Innovation Collaborative to Bring AI/ML to the Front Lines of Healthcare (