Meet Annaka, our new Managing Director

Annaka Blyth joined the Brunswick Med Tech team as Managing Director. Let's get to know Annaka a little more and see what she does within the team.

With a passion for new technology, innovation and lifelong learning, Annaka has made the exciting move from management in the education sector to working at Brunswick MedTech. Utilising her skills and knowledge relating to leading people and managing processes and data, she will expand our strategic business relationships. 

Annaka's role within Brunswick MedTech is essential to the management of our team. As Managing Director, she is responsible for planning, resourcing and implementation of employee training across all areas of our business, developing staff performance and organisational success, whilst also establishing our internal policies and procedures. She will be supporting our marketing and sales team with our varied campaigns and communications, facilitating business growth and developing relationships with our customers. 

We are very happy to have you onboard Annaka 💪🏼 

Check out Annaka's LinkedIn profile if you want to know more or contact us on