Meet Mike, our Commercial and Operations Director

This month Michael Howell joined the Brunswick Med Tech team as Commercial and Operations Director. Let's get to know Mike a little more and see what he does within the team.

Mike's background is in teaching and science. As a chemistry educator, he had the opportunity to teach and live in Vietnam and this experience gave Mike the ability to be open to cultural and thought diversity. Some personal events also prompted Mike to invent, design and implement some successful patents. Working with specialists, Mike has created an innovative device that has been very well received and is in the process of being trialed to take it into market, with maximum positive impact.

Mike's role within Brunswick MedTech is essential to the management of our team. As Commercial and Operations Director, Mike is responsible for the efficiency of Brunswick MedTech's day-to-day operations. His role includes organizing personnel, distributing budgets and setting efficiency, sales and profit goals. This requires a combination of administrative, financial and leadership skills. Mike defines our efficient operating procedures that enable employees to achieve their tasks, while keeping company costs low and contributing to the long-term growth of Brunswick MedTech.

We are very happy to have you onboard Mike 💪🏼

Check out Mike's LinkedIn profile if you want to know more or contact us on